Snapshot Builds Your hub for AndroidX snapshots and Kotlin compatibility insights.

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Overview is a hub for Android developers. It focuses on AndroidX snapshot builds. The site offers the latest builds, Studio snapshots, and tools like Metalava and Dackka. It guides users on using snapshot builds. It provides a snippet for adding the AndroidX & Jetpack Compose Snapshots repository to a build.gradle file. It also shows how to define dependencies on artifacts using the SNAPSHOT version. An example is given using WorkManager snapshots.

Compose Compiler & Kotlin Versions

The site has a table for Kotlin versions and their matching Compose Compiler versions. It includes links to binaries for each version. This resource helps those wanting to use Kotlin versions not officially supported by the Compose Compiler. But, these builds have less testing than the final builds on Gmaven. So, users should use them at their own risk. The page also guides users on setting up their project to use this repository. It refers to the ComposeAppUsingPrereleaseComposeCompiler example project.




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