Compose Destinations: Jetpack Compose navigation with no boilerplate

Annotation processing library for type-safe Jetpack Compose navigation with no boilerplate.

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A KSP library that processes annotations and generates code that uses Official Jetpack Compose Navigation under the hood. It hides the complex, non-type-safe and boilerplate code you would have to write otherwise.
No need to learn a whole new framework to navigate – most APIs are either the same as with the Jetpack Components or inspired by them.

Main features

  • Typesafe navigation arguments
  • Simple but configurable navigation graphs setup
  • Navigating back with a result in a simple and type-safe way
  • Getting the navigation arguments from the SavedStateHandle (useful in ViewModels) and NavBackStackEntry in a type-safe way.
  • Navigation animations
  • Bottom sheet screens through integration with Accompanist Navigation-Material
  • Easy deep linking to screens
  • Wear OS support (since versions 1.x.30!)
  • All you can do with Official Jetpack Compose Navigation but in a simpler safer way!

For a deeper look into all the features, check our documentation website.





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