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This app is built to download Youtube videos convert them into mp3 and save them into your selected destination folder on mobile storage.

A Python script can be integrated into the app using the Python NDK. The app can use the yt_dlp library, a powerful YouTube downloader library in Python, to fetch video information, including the views, likes, and thumbnails.

After the video is downloaded as an MP4 file, the app can utilize the FFmpeg library for Android to convert it to an MP3 file. The FFmpeg library provides APIs for media manipulation, including audio and video conversion, and can be integrated into the app using the Android NDK.

Once the video is converted to MP3, the app can use the selected destination folder obtained from the user to save the MP3 file. The app can utilize the standard Android file operations and APIs to handle file I/O and save the MP3 file to the desired location.

  • Jetpack Compose
  • Chaquopy
  • FFmpeg
  • Kotlin Flow
  • YT-Dlp

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